On a whim in 1990, Clay embarked on a course in art metals, in Austin Texas, and has never stopped, creating whimsical art pieces, as well as art furniture, like bed headboards, lamps, tables and chairs, out door sculpture pieces for the garden, you name it, Clay can and has created it. His style baffles the mind, his pieces make one think bending steel must be easy with all the complication involved in a majority of his art. His beautiful, whimsical, fun art and commissioned pieces of hand manipulated virgin steel, quickly became coveted works in the art scenes, and are recognized as his creations, throughout the southern United States, from Dallas, Houston, Austin, all the way over to Florida.

One year ago, Clay Decided to close his home and studio in Gonzales Texas, and the one in Monterrey, Mexico, so he could venture to Sayulita, Mexico where he now resides, due to his love of the ocean and swimming/snorkeling with some of the inspiration for his art, the beautiful fish. Art pieces and architectural art forms are incorporated into many homes, lounges and restaurants in Sayulita and San Pancho. Clay looks forward to continuing to show his art here in Sayulita.

Throughout Clay’s Sayulita Gallery, you will find unique metal art pieces, including wall hangings, large geckos, fish, and sunbursts. You will find unique furniture pieces, desks, tables, chairs, and large screens. In addition to the beautiful pieces available in Clay Brom’s Sayulita Gallery, he will also work with you to create custom pieces for your home. Clay’s artistic genius coupled with Sayulita’s natural beauty offers a unique and stunning art display.

Clay would like to take this opportunity to thank the visitors and residence of Sayulita and San Pancho, for the overwhelming response to his works of art! Being a whimsically skillful "metal contortionist" is, to say the least, very hard on the body!

"So thanks for embracing my work, it makes the hard work enjoyable." Feel free to contact Clay with suggestions, comments or a quote.


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